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Welcome to the Evermore Wiki, the website dedicated to The Immortals series, a sequence of novels written by author Alyson Noël. The story centers on the complicated love between Damen Auguste, a young man who has been alive since the Italian Renaissance and Ever Bloom, a teenager dealing with the sudden death of her family. After a car accident claims the life of her family and dog, Ever wakes up with psychic powers she has never wanted. Everything changes when a new student at her school, Damen, enchants her. He silences the noise. Damen has waited centuries to be with Ever, however, many enemies are preventing the couple from ever reuniting, but who? The series tells of their fight as one for the love they have awaited for centuries.

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Ever Bloom is the main character of the Immortals Series, and is also the narrator and protagonist. At sixteen years old, Ever was an extremely popular cheerleader, known for her pretty blonde hair and good looks, prior the accident that claimed the lives of her parents, sister, and dog. The accident left her with a scar on her forehead and psychic powers. These psychic powers allow Ever to see the color of people's auras - colorful and luminous radiation surrounding a person or object - read their thoughts, know their life at simple touch, and talk to her dead sister, Riley Bloom's ghost. Now a considered a freak and a outcast, Ever is ignored by her peers and doesn't mind, but when she meets a handsome boy named Damen - a tall, dark stranger - things begin to change. There is more to Damen Auguste than it appears or doesn't appear. Ever cannot read his thoughts, see his aura or know his life. This leaves Ever shocked, because the only people whose auras she cannot see, or lives she cannot read... are already dead...


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We all love the books, and surely we'd love a movie (if it stayed loyal to the story, of course!) If Evermore was made into a movie, who would play Ever? Vote on our Top Ten List!

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